ASMR 💍 Doing Your Wedding Makeup + Hair Styling Featuring @Starling ASMR

💐 Hi, welcome! Glad to see you from *Starling’s Spa* ( Let’s continue your pampering with your wedding makeup and hairstyling for your special day, everyday *
💍03:40 Face Touching
04:20 Tea
05:00 Eye Patches
06:45 Toner
09:20 Rose Serum
12:15 Face Massager
16:50 Brows
17 :45 Spoolie
18:20 Tweezing
19:45 Microblade Pen
20:25 Brow Gel
21:30 Eyeshadow Primer
22:50 Eyeshadows
28:00 Eyeliner
30:15 Lash Curling
30:40 Mascara
31:45 False Lashes
33:53 Ear Blowing
34:40 Watermelon Primer
36:50 Concealer
38:55 Super Sponge
40:00 Foundation Matching Application
43:55 Powder Foundation
45:30 Blush
46:45 3D Blush
47:30 Bronzer
48:48 Highlighter
49:45 Lipbalm
50:55 Lipgloss
51:30 Makeup Pearls
53:35 Removing hair pins
53:45 Chocolate Break
54:45 Hair Brushing
55:20 Hair Curling
56:19 Handbag
56:40 Jewelry Box
56:57 Necklace
57:30 Earrings
💍58:10 My gifts for you ~Something old, new, borrowed and blue
💐This has been a wonderful collab with *Starling ASMR* Check out her channel for your spa treatment!
Checkout and Their brow pen I used is now my favorite

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