I Tried The Black Tux. Here’s Why It’s the Best Tux Rental Out There.

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I’ve attended a few black tie weddings in recent years, and I initially settled for tuxedo rentals that weren’t quite right. When my own wedding swung around, though, I refused to sacrifice on tux quality. In place of a restrictive, heavy, ill-fitting outfit, I sought something so soft and flexible that I’d almost forget I was dressed formally. This was a bold goal since I didn’t have nearly enough time for a bunch of tailoring appointments, but it was within reach thanks to The Black Tux’s at-home try-ons and AI fitting technology.

To get started with The Black Tux, I dove right into their collection of 50-plus styles, including everything from classic black tuxedos to modern, colorful suits. Once I landed on a tux I liked — which didn’t take long — I took the brand’s online quiz. The Black Tux’s online AI platform took that information and an in-house specialist looked everything over to make sure it was all correct.

I especially loved what happened next: The Black Tux sent me a tux to try on for free for 48 hours. If I had the time, I would’ve gone to one of their showrooms closest to me for an in-person fitting, but given my tight schedule, I appreciated the seamless, flexible home experience.

It was reassuring to know that, if I hadn’t liked my suit, I could’ve just sent it back and continued shopping for a different one. That wasn’t an issue, though — the first tuxedo I tried from The Black Tux was nearly perfect. Between the 100% merino wool and the natural drape, I felt at ease and unrestricted, and I looked like the groom my wife deserves. After a slight alteration made by the in-house trailers at The Black Tux, my final rental arrived 10 days before my wedding alongside shoes, cufflinks, and a tie. The whole final outfit was perfect, and I was happy it arrived so early.

All my groomsmen wound up renting their tuxedos through The Black Tux too. They all agreed that their outfits felt great, and they appreciated the at-home try-on and how well the AI got their fit right. A couple of my groomsmen customized their looks too, which The Black Tux made easy. I was also impressed that The Black Tux worked so well for all my groomsmen since they differ so much in height and weight — everyone loved their tuxes. My tux got showered with tons of compliments on my wedding day too — especially from my wife.

I already know that, for the next wedding I attend, I’ll be renting from The Black Tux. And for your own wedding, I strongly recommend The Black Tux too. In fact, if you start an order now and use the code GROOMFREE at checkout, your tux rental is free if your wedding party includes at least six people. Even if it weren’t free, though, the fit would be worth it.

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