How to style natural curls & create a bridal hairstyle with accessories for naturally curly hair.

Join our award-winning London hairstylist, Pam Wrigley, in our latest styling tutorial: Working with natural curls. In this video, you will learn how to style natural curls and create two beautiful bridal hairstyles with accessories.
Pam will teach you a fabulously elegant half-up half-down hairstyle, perfect for both brides and bridesmaids. You will learn how to secure accessories to the hair and as a little extra Pam will teach you how to create a gorgeous low bridal bun. We’ll guide you through the correct hair preparation techniques and which hairstyling products are best to create beautiful hair – every time!

Links to the products used by Pam (where available):

Water in a spray bottle
Umberto Gianni, More than Moisture, Curl Cream:
Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray:
Silhouette Flexible Hold Style and Care Lotion:
L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray professional:

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Want to master the art of bridal/wedding hair and learn with Create Beautiful Hair? There are many ways to learn with Pam:

1. Join our Habia approved award-winning online bridal hair course, learn from home and submit work directly to Pam for assessment and feedback as you work through the models; receive as much support as you need! Complete the assessments and receive a Habia approved CPD certificate upon completion of your bridal hair training. We have a 50% off offer on the full subscription (use code HOMESTUDY at checkout), or join from 9.99 per month on a view-only basis. Click for more information:…

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4. Join us on Facebook for more tutorials and all things bridal and wedding hair!!

Whichever option you choose, please do get in touch and share your fabulous creations and suggestions on what you want to see next!

We’ve got it covered . . . we even have tutorials covering the curly girl technique!

Great for fans of natural unintentional ASMR!

Hairstyle tutorials include hair prep, hairstyling and hair up, blow-drying, curly girl techniques, working with different hair types, hair textures and hair lengths.

Create hair up & bridal hairstyles and become a bridal hairstylist with Pam Wrigley, UK Wedding Hairstylist of the Year


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